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The Strange #3 is on the go!

Thanks to a Kick Starter backer, The Strange #3 will be a reality.


The Strange is a science fiction comic based on the world of 2688. In this distant future super powers are a reality thanks to the advances on science. Hard science. In this world, humans keep evolving artificially to attain a new way of being known as the Transhuman. Of course, not everyone will embrace (or be able to afford) this new way of life. The human becomes a Sub Human, or normal and the Transhuman, the advanced life form. Evolution has taken a new step!



The Strange #3, page 10. Penciller: Francisco Menor

The full creative team returns for issue #3, including Francisco Menor who appeared in an interview in this blog and who’s work with pencils for this new issue is already on the go:
Written and Created – John Daniel Taylor IV
Pencils – Francisco Menor
Inks – Robert Doan
Colors – Jay Moyano
Letters – Inklight Studios
Cover B artist – Francisco Javier

Find out more about The Strange on their Update webpage.