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Jana Kusch, a member of the School of visual story telling, keeps on drawing  “The Storm”, a tribute to David Revoy‘s universe “Pepper & Carrot”.

We asked Jana to comment a little on this illustration, here is what she told us:

J.K.: This is the first panel showing an inside view of the house. I wanted to keep it as close as possible to David’s concept of the rooms, so I studied his panels intensively. I liked Juan José’s idea of the candle light and hope I could show the coziness of the room by bathing it in warm colors. When I thought about Pepper and Carrot’s attitude, I decided to give them a more confident look. As the hosts of the animals, they want to calm them down and fight their own fear. In one of the next panels, they will also be more panicked as the candles go down and the night becomes darker. I hope this will underline the emotional ups and downs of the story. All in all this panel took me the longest time of all panels I have finished so far, but I had super fun working on it.


A panel from “The Storm”, illustrated by Jana Kusch.

Keep checking for new updates on “The Storm”, in the meanwhile, you can check more of Jana’s illustrations on her deviantart gallery.