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Eli Trier, writer & artist

Our next two posts will be dedicated to the work of Eli Trier, a selfmade artist, author and an award-winning blogger who travels the world writing, drawing and making picture books for grown-ups.

Born in London and moving short after to Somerset, UK Eli got a degree in Literature & Art History but had a late start as writer and drawer. She started working in the tourism marketing business, where she was the marketing manager for what was then the largest hotel in Cornwall. After that, she had other jobs in marketing back in Somerset until she decided to work on her own as a copywriter and freelance marketing consultant.


Dylan by Eli Trier

As with many late bloomers artists, Eli did not felt happy doing marketing and she felt that she was not living the kind of life she wanted to have. Eventually, marketing got harder and harder to do. This situation led to a personal crisis where Eli had to redefine what her career was going to be.

Not finding an answer to her questions and seeing the weeks go by, Eli decided to start doing what she felt like enjoying: art. She realized that the only way she was going to get better in her spirit was by noticing and appreciating all the good things in her life. So she started The Gratitude Project – a blog where Eli drew a picture and wrote a thank you note to all the people who changed her life.

Go outside

Go Outside by Eli Trier

The Gratitude Project eventually turned into Eli’s first book: The Gratitude Project: A Year of Saying Thank You to the People Who Changed My Life. A picture book that makes the case that all it takes to radically transform your life is a change of mindset. Amazingly enough, the most wonderful thing happened – over the course of that year her story and her artwork had captured people’s attention and Eli started getting paid illustration work. First a little, and then more and more…

The Gratitude Project: A Year of Saying Thank You to the People Who Changed My Life, came out in 2014, and her second book, The Creative Compass, will soon come out.

CC book mock up

The creative compass by Eli Trier.

The Creative Compass will be an illustrated guide focused on visual thinkers where Eli explains some tools and methods to help artists beat creative block, self-doubt and finally get organized in a way that uses their creative strengths rather than working against them.

We hope that you found the story of Eli as much inspiring and interesting as we did. You will discover more about her on a soon to come interview and as always you have the opportunity to ask Eli any question you would like her to answer by just posting a comment in this post. But wait, there is more, Eli Trier will give a free digital copy of her book, The Gratitude Project, to one lucky winner randomly chosen among those commenting!

If you want to find out more about Eli Trier and her artwork, we totally recommend to go and check out her Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.