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A CC BY Pepper and Carrot script by Juan José Segura. You can share it, modify it, re-blog, illustrate, sell… you only need to put a reference to me and to David Revoy on it.


The Storm

First scene:

Panel #1: Pepper is flying on her broom and Carrot sits at the back. It is late afternoon, the Sun starts to set down. They are going back home so we see Pepper’s house down on the ground at one of the sides of the frame.

Pepper: What a nice day we had visiting the girls. I really want to arrive home now and have a relaxing bath.

Panel #2: Close up of Pepper. She looks surprised and worried.

Pepper: What?

Panel #3: Sky shot. There is a big, nasty looking storm. Many lightnings come out of it. The trees underneath are  bended towards the reader, so the wind is blowing to the reader. Some of the trees have been snapped by the strong winds.

Panel #4: Close up of Pepper. She looks worried.

Pepper: That storm does not look good at all. We must do something…

Second Scene:

Panel #5: Pepper lands in front of her house. The wind is already strong and many tree leaves are flying around. Pepper is holding her hat on while she jumps off the broom.

Panel #6: Pepper is bended towards Carrot. Pepper is talking and Carrot is saying “yes” with its head.

Pepper: Carrot, we need to go and tell the animals about this storm, they must find a safe place to hide immediately. Tell those with no safe home to hide in to come to our place!

Panel #7: Small panel. Carrot is talking to a bunch of rabbits. The animals look startled.

Panel #8: Small panel. Pepper is nailing some wood panels on a window of her home. She keeps holding her hat with one hand. The other one is holding the hammer that she is using.

Panel #9: Small panel. Carrot talking to a deer family. Carrot is pointing with his paw to one side (he is pointing to Pepper’s house).

Panel #10: Pepper is just in front of the door of her house. She is holding the door open as a bunch of different animals are entering the house. Pepper is welcoming them (she looks happy, smiling at them). The animals entering should be animals with no lairs or safe places where to hide. Think about birds, wild boars, maybe squirrels, deers, raccoons…

Panel #11: Carrot is entering the house, he is carrying a pile of turtles over its head, and holding the tall turtle tower with his paws.

Panel #12: Pepper, Carrot and all the animals are in Pepper’s living room. It is lighted by many candles. Make it super crowded with animals of all sorts. Birds standing on the shelves, baby animals running on the floor. More and more animals sitting everywhere.

Scene 3:

Panel #13: View from outside the house. The storm is just above. Big lightning illuminates the sky. CRACKABOOOOMMMM!!!!!

Panel #14: View of the forest. Trees are being taken down by the wind. Another lightning is breaking a tall tree in two.

Panel #15: View of Pepper’s living room. The room is full of light coming from a lightning outside. The yellowish light enters through the window and fills the panel. Pepper, Carrot and all the animals are with their eyes closed. The baby animals are hugging with fear their mothers.

Scene 4:

Panel #16: View of the outside. The sky’s cleared up. Sun is shining.

Text in a box on panel corner: THE NEXT MORNING.

Panel #17: Pepper is sitting on an armchair. Carrot is on her lap. She is just waking up and talks half sleep. The animals are also waking up.

Pepper: I think it is over. We can go out now.

Panel #18: Pepper, Carrot and the animals are outside now. They are all covering their mouth. Pepper’s house is half destroyed. Some parts have been taken away by the wind.  The garden is completely destroyed, the chimney is on the ground…

Pepper: Oh! No! My house!

Panel #19: The animals are talking all together.

Panel #20-22: Three frames showing the animals working together to fix Pepper’s house. The animals use their skills to do the job done: Big animals carry big stuff, small animals paint or carry smaller things, others are working on the garden…

Panel #23: View of the house. It is reconstructed. Is it the same house or is it now a new one? Up the artist!! Is a good moment to design a more detailed Pepper’s house

Licence: Creative Commons Attributions 4.0